Baby Massage – What are Baby Massage Classes?

Baby Massage – What are Baby Massage Classes?

Blossom & Berry is committed to promoting the wellbeing of parents and babies through the provision of educational and supportive classes and services. Becoming a parent is a rewarding but often overwhelming experience.

Blossom & Berry aims to support parents and babies using instinctive parenting methods with the aim of helping to nurture babies naturally.

Our classes provide:

  • Time for baby
  • Relief for colic and support unsettled babies
  • Enhance parent/baby communication
  • Opportunities for parents to meet the early developmental needs of babies through touch movement, sight and sound
  • Opportunities to enhance the bonding process between carer and baby
  • Time for parent and baby to spend together.

The classes also provide time for parents:

  • Encourage instinctive parenting
  • Build confidence
  • Enhance a sense of community amongst parents
  • Help parents be inspired by baby and understand baby more
  • Present an opportunity for time out from a hectic world and domestic/life pressures
  • Allow parents to feel “normal” and share experiences
  • Teach parents a new skill for life
  • Empower parents and help them grow in self-belief
  • Provide an opportunity to talk about experiences.

Childhood is the key time to create, experience and demonstrate love. In addition, the “Love Creates Love” concept follows ideas evolved from research produced by The Centre on the Developing Child at Harvard University. The Centre refers to a concept called “Serve and Return” to describe positive reciprocal interaction between a baby and a parent. As the parent teaches, the baby learns, the parent responds with a positive cue and an association in the baby’s brain is made. These early interactions are vital to how the early infant brain becomes wired and responsive and help create the foundations for emotional intelligence (Goleman 1995).

We teach the importance of love and connection through nurturing touch, massage & yoga to help babies and children reach their full potential & make the world a better place. Blossom & Berry’s mission is to grow babies with love, touch, responsive care and positive interaction. We create nurturing experiences for parents and babies to deepen connection and confidence. We focus on touch as a way to support infant and maternal mental health as we believe this is the foundation for health and happiness.

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