B&B BLOG POST: How to become a Parent & Baby Expert

How to become an expert in parent and baby wellness. 

In this blog post I want to share with you what I did to become a Parent and Baby Expert in four simple steps. 

  1. Learning in your genius zone.

    The number one thing that I did to become a Parent and Baby expert was I became a geek. I studied my subject very, very deeply. I took lots of training courses, and in every moment I read a whole variation of books, not only on baby massage but on early childhood development and also parenting and the social effect and impact of investing in parenting as well. I immersed myself in every aspect of early childhood development, from the science, the philosophy, the psychology, the sociology, the anthropology… the whole thing. This meant I’ve had a really rooted understanding of where it was that I was speaking from and how I could make a difference in the birth and baby space.

  2. Formulate your Leadership

    From that place, I formulated my own leadership, my own thought leadership, my own signature program, which is what we’ve created at Blossom and Berry, our own mantra, which is to teach love, our own mission statement, which is nurturing the future, one baby at a time, and our own manifesto. Because I had such clean energy and such clean leadership around what it was I wanted to create in the world it helped me to have the confidence to really speak from a place of an expert as a leader, as a visionary. It changed the vibration of me as a practitioner and took me from a teacher to an expert and now a thought leader.

  3. Get Visible

    To be an expert, it is really important to share. So how can you be more visible? You can start a podcast; you could create blogs, you could have a YouTube channel; you could do daily reels. It’s about stepping up and sharing because the world needs your voice. Your world needs your version of you.  The world will benefit from you stepping up into that space. So it takes courage, it takes self-belief, and it takes determination because, at the beginning, there might not be anybody there to listen to you, but you still stand up, and you say it anyway because it matters to you. And it’s your beautiful leadership, and it’s your music if you like- it’s your song that you’re singing to the world.

    Making sure that you create a way to consistently show up and share is very, very important. Because the more people see you, the more they know you and the more they trust you. That’s when you start to become an expert.

  4. Seek Opportunities

    Finally, I encourage you to go out and seek opportunities to be the expert. You might want to write a book; you might want to approach a publishing house to write a book on their behalf; you might want to host an event; you might want to speak at an event; you might want to create a podcast.

    You can position yourself and align yourself as the expert by taking action. And when you believe that you are the expert and you step into that, then it’s reflected back to you.

    So to summarise, spending time in contemplation and learning, creating your mission statement, your mantra, your manifesto and then really stepping into the spotlight as the expert, sharing and creating opportunities to be featured and to make a difference, to be influential, and to change the way that people are thinking. Is how to become an expert.

    So what actions can you take to be more of the expert and to honour your desire to share more of you in the world?

If you’d like to know more about the work we do, teaching love across the world or to become a teacher with us, you can visit our website for more information.  

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