Being a professional baby massage instructor-What are the boundaries for teaching?


Professionalism and ethics as a professional baby massage instructor 

The success of your classes will be based to some degree on your professionalism with clients and other organisations you may work with. There are number of principles we promote as a training provider for all our instructor’s to respect.

  1. The importance and uniqueness of the parent/child relationship must always be central to any activities in classes. It must be respected at all times.
  2. During your classes parents should work with their own baby. If a parent asks you to demonstrate a stretch/stroke on their baby you should decline and demonstrate on your doll. The baby will be familiar and comfortable with its parent’s touch. It would not be appropriate to take the place of a parent during a session. You are not a baby massage therapist.
  3. You may find that a nanny or child minder may ask you to teach him/her baby massage or yoga with the baby in their charge. It is possible to do this but the nanny/child minder/third person must have the written consent of the parent and it would also be advisable to speak to the parent yourself to make sure that they are aware of what will be going on in the class. Ultimately the best person to attend a class is the parent and baby, and whenever possible this should be encouraged over any other third person becoming involved.

Other issues to consider are;

Any information given to you by a client is confidential and you must not discuss any details of a client with another person. Keep all client information secure and never share information with other organisations unless you have permission.

You are a baby massage/yoga expert but you are not an expert on babies in general or on any individual baby. The parent is the expert of the baby and his/her judgment and opinion on his/her baby must be respected.

Do not give out generic advice on baby care or development other than that related to baby massage/yoga.

Do not be judgmental or opinionated in classes.

Try to teach baby massage/yoga to the primary carer of the baby whenever possible. Do not teach staff in nurseries. This creates emotional, moral and legal complications for you, staff and parents.

Be observant for any signs of child neglect or abuse. If you suspect something, approach the parent to assess the situation. Never make any accusations. If you have a serious concern then the NSPCC has excellent advice on their website.

Do not diagnose any illnesses or aliments a baby may have. Always refer to a health visitor or GP.

Be honest and trustworthy as an instructor.

Be professional before, during and after the class. Do not take relationships outside the classroom whilst the client is receiving tuition.

The client always comes first. Happy clients lead to more clients.

Do not take your own children to classes unless it is an emergency. It will distract you from teaching.

Ensure you have met all legal requirements when practising as an instructor.

Be culturally aware and respect diversity in backgrounds. Be inclusive to all learners and be prepared to tailor sessions to learners’ needs.

Keep a record of all the oils supplied in classes in the event any product needs to be recalled.

Generally, during a class avoid talking about controversial subjects such as religion, politics, money, or marriage problems. If a client needs extra support, we have provided you with a list of support agencies available.

Always have professional indemnity insurance to cover your professional practice. Health and safety for clients always comes first.

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