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Small steps..

30 Dec 2018


This week’s blog is all about self belief and vision…..

I totally get that right now you might be feeling confused, overwhelmed and just about coping with motherhood on a daily basis BUT you created a life, you are an amazing mum and you are winnng everyday as a mother. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

I started my business when I had 3 children under 3.5.

YES that is right

3 under 3.5 with a husband working 12 hours days and not around at all.

I had to believe in ME and in my ability to do it. Keeping it all together and supporting my children made me realise that anything is possible when you make things feel light and exciting and when you believe in yourself.

I translated this into my business and it allowed me to grow Blossom & Berry to be a global teacher training organisation. Is the success due to an amazing sales strategy? Being an international reputation as an expert? Having award winning courses? Well a it’s a little bit of those things BUT the number one most important thing that has enabled my business to be a success is ME! 

Now I am not being big headed or showing off but the first rule of being successful as a business owner or entrepreneur is believing in yourself. Your energy, intention and vision is the engine in your business. It drives what you do. It’s the power. It’s the passion. Your vibes and enthusiasm is what flavours your business and it also what people buy. People buy from people. If you don’t believe in yourself and what you do then how can anyone else. You need to love your business inside and out. You need to care for it and nurture it. And that means that you need to do those exact things to yourself.

If you have been wanting to train with us to be a teacher but you find you a STUCK and you can’t make the decision to go forward. Its likely that you are holding some limiting beliefs about your ability to be a success. I find many people hold three core limiting beliefs;

  1. I won’t know enough about baby massage and yoga to be a teacher
  2. I won’t be confident enough to teach in front of groups
  3. I don’t know how to run a business and I think my business will fail.

These beliefs are not based on FACT. They are based on FEAR. Let’s switch them around;

  1. I won’t know enough about baby massage and yoga to be a teacher- Yes, you will. Our courses cover all your need to know to safety teach baby massage and yoga PLUS more. You will actually learn in depth knowledge about infant mental health, attachment theory and early childhood development. 
  2. I won’t be confident enough to teach in front of groups- We give you the teaching plans and resources to get you going and then its up to you how you want to teach. Some people love to teach large groups. Others teach workshops or one to ones. You can do whatever you want and as you teach more, your confidence will grow.
  3. I don’t know how to run a business and I think my business will fail-You can learn to run a business like you can learn anything. You can work hard and be a success. There are so many examples of my teachers running great practices. There is no thing as failure. Everything is an experience designed to help you grow. 

Now you can either challenge your fears or you can accept them and allow them to limit your life. Your fears are just a limiting belief system that you currently hold. Change the belief and release the fear. Let go of the resistance to take the first step. You can’t do what you want to do by not acting.

You need to set the intention;

I am going to be an amazing baby massage and yoga teacher with a busy and successful practice serving and supporting happy parents and babies with excellent classes.

If you set this intention and take action, it will become true. It will also send a clear message out into the world that this is what you are doing and potential clients will pick up on this vibe and be attracted to it.

No one wants to be taught by a person that believes;

I am not sure of what I am doing and I am nervous and anxious about teaching the few clients I have managed to get from somewhere.

How does each statement make you feel? Your thoughts and words are a strong creative force. Think positive and speak positive statements-positive things will start to happen.

Taking it even further

One of my favourite things to do is to create a VISION Board. This is a fun and creative exercise which allows you to really visualise your big dream and create a strong intention. 

From my favourite vision board I have gone on holidays, travelled, met amazing people, found identical outfits and attracted incredible opportunities. I look at this board regularly and I also created it with alot of joy excitement and energy. I even won an award from 10 Downing Street.

To create your own you just need;

Large piece of paper

Photos and pictures from magazines



Cut out and arrange the photos and words that you are attracted to and that represent what you want and then keep this board where you can see it. Look at it, engage with it and get excited about it. Know that it will come true. 

Have a good at doing this and send me some photos of your boards. I did this exercise at my retreat last April and so many things become true for my students. It was amazing.

Remember if you want to activate people to connect with you and if you want to activate your dreams, first you have to activate yourself. Invest in and nurture yourself and you will see that you can do anything you wish. 

You are your LIFE and your BUSINESS. Love and nurture them both.

Much love

Gayle xxx


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