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Hello All,

We hope this blog post finds you well. Last week was wonderful, we celebrated Baby Massage Awareness Week to the fullest extent. We hope you are all feeling suitably inspired and ready for another update from our fantastic team!

Today we want to introduce you to the lovely Helen Joyce of Wimbledon Baby Massage. Helen has found her passion in baby massage. Like many of our other students, Helen has come from a totally different back-ground and mediscovered how life transforming, love-inducing and genuinely fulfilling a career in baby massage can be. Let’s see what she had to say about her experience. . .

“My first experience with baby massage was when I was working as a Family Support Worker for a London borough; I would support parents who were struggling to bond with their babies so I attended classes with them to help develop their attachment and support them in creating a community network.
I remember thinking how wonderful and calm the class was and how content all the babies were but also how calm and happy the parents all seemed to be as well. At the time I was enthralled with baby massage and from then on would always recommend it to new parents.
When I became pregnant with my second child, I decided I wanted a career that could work around family life and that I could really take ownership of. I reflected back to my skills and experience and what I loved to do, and started to think about baby massage. That is when I looked into training and found the courses with Blossom and Berry. That is where my adventure really began!
I was able to fit the studying around my busy family life and now I am qualified I am able to run classes that fit into our schedule too. What I really love about my classes is being able to really personalise them and make then unique to me; I love creating new ways to introduce massage for parents and babies and creating classes for specific needs. I love bringing new elements to the classes such as sensory activities and researching new songs to use. I work closely with a local charity and provide free classes for vulnerable families in the local area. I am also starting a group affiliated with the PANDAS charity and will be starting a group for parents who are experiencing pre and postnatal depression.
It is such an honour to work with parents and babies and helping them to create a love bubble and be a part of their bonding journey. Becoming a baby massage instructor was the best thing I have ever done- I only wish I had done it sooner and I can’t wait to see where my classes take me next!”

There you have it, another happy customer. We love and appreciate every single one of our students for their honesty and integrity and all you need to start is LOVE and we will help guide you the rest of the way. Join us on one of our many global courses or learn online- WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!


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