#BlossomAndBerryBlog- Catching up with Rachael Jennings

Hello Everyone!

This week, we are bringing you an update from Rachael Jennings. Rachael is a real star student who turned her passion for baby bonding are inspiring parents, into a great new career. Her story is super interesting and we are very happy indeed to hear that everything is going so well at the moment. Read what Rachael had to say right here:

How has studying with Blossom & Berry impacted your life?

Studying with Blossom & Berry has impacted my life because I feel I have finally found Community that, not only truly believes in gentle parenting and the importance of bonding but is accessible to people who want to broaden their skills. I feel empowered and celebrated as a practitioner and confident to go out there and make a difference to families’ lives.

What has changed since you studied with Blossom and Berry?

Zen Baby is my massage & meditation service from my Wren & Robin company and it’s ever growing. I’m building my own, little community. I have hosted two Love Creates Love events that had such different dynamics but were equally beautiful.


What plans have you got in the pipe line?

I plan to continue to train with Blossom & Berry. I’m very keen on the Stretch, Learn & Play Course, as well as the Soothe, Settle & Sleep Course. I want to be able to offer a variety of services that families can grow with. I am holding my classes at a lovely Play Centre called Time 2 Play in South Yorkshire and will continue to develop my practice there. Here’s their Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/Time2play-182912315096712/ I will also continue to run my Funky Phonics Courses for 3-5 year olds and their parents, as well as teaching similar classes for babies!

What are you doing to make your plans take off?

I keep in the loop with Blossom & Berry online, as well as reading further into my teaching practice. I make sure I update my Facebook page regularly, as well as my website. I keep in contact with my clients often and I have had some lovely flyers printed! I will be working on developing certain aspects of Time 2 Play and I can see real positivity coming out of this process.

What have you found difficult?

Initially found searching for a good venue quite tough and knowing how best to promote myself via social media.

What do you see for 2017?

I see an amazing Zen Community; families working together to find ways to improve mindfulness and to help them access a whole, new sphere of learning.



How lovely is this? We are ever so proud of Rachael and we are so glad to hear she wants to continue studying with us! We agree that social media can sometimes be a hard task to take on, it is time consuming and tough to be so vulnerable and exposed but it is such a valuable tool so we wish Rachael all the best with her projects!


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