The Countdown To Christmas Is On!

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It’s CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSSSSSS- You can imagine us at Blossom & Berry HQ saying that in the style of Noddy Holder! We love the countdown to Christmas. Yes, it can be super stressful, but there is something about seeing smiles and love at every corner, that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

For our very own unique take on the advent calendar, we are counting down the days with beautiful images of parents from around the world. In this little blog, we wanted to share a few super interesting facts that we have learnt along the way. They may not be techniques that we would personally employ but it was certainly interesting. So, for your information, here it goes . . . . . .


Babies do not touch the ground until they are 3 months of age. Legend has it- newborn’s purity can be defiled through any contact with the unclean ground. But when they reach 3 months, the family holds a really lovely ceremony to celebrate the babies first steps!


It is customary in Greece to, errr, ahem, spit on a baby 3 times to ward off evil spirits and bad luck!


In Ireland parents keep the first tier of their wedding cake until their baby is christened. Don’t panic, generally, the cakes are more Christmas cake style, plenty of whisky to help preserve it. That way, on the day on the christening, they can sprinkle the crumbs upon the babies head for good luck!

Central America:

In central America, mothers bathe their little ones in ice cold water to calm the baby and reduce heat rash.


In Italy It is normal to pierce a babies ears at an early age.

Eastern Africa:

In the Easten cape of Africa, new born babies are passed through the Sifudu  Tree, generally practiced on the third day of life of the baby. Sifudu means “passing child through smoke”.

India and China- The origins of baby massage:

Ayurvedic medicine in ancient India taught the use of infant massage. It was also has been encouraged in China during the Qing dynasty. Daily massage by mothers or a carer, is seen as “instilling fearlessness, hardening bone structure, enhancing movement and limb coordination, and increasing weight”.

How interesting is that? So, join us on our socials as we share more facts and images with you, one a day until Christmas day! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


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