Day 3 Confidence And Clarity Challenge-Give it away to develop trust

Day Three

Today is all about growth. To be more empowered and confident we have to allow ourselves to grow and expand.

Everything that is alive, grows

So how does that make you feel? Are you a more risk adverse person who does not like change?

One of the most important lessons I learnt was;

If you want to see change in your life, you and things around you will change.

Change is not scary. It is completely normal and natural.

Just as a baby is constantly growing and changing and strives to learn and know more, this is our innate nature.

When we look around us in nature, change happens all the time. The seasons are a constant reminder of this for us.

Nothing is permanent and everything changes.

Hanging onto the status quo is pointless because change is happening all the time. It is an invisible force, just like time.

Often if we don’t want things to change, it is because we feel we have control where we are. But we don’t. We can only control our own thoughts (and even that is difficult!)

So when we allow ourselves to drop the resistance to change, allow ourselves to be carried along in the flow, we can trust that it will work out the way it is supposed to. When we stop grasping, and trust it will come, we conserve alot of energy which is better used elsewhere.

So let’s look at how to grow with grace and ease and flow.

  1. Growth can feel uncomfortable as you are going outside your comfort zone. So your challenge is to start to do micro confidence actions to test how it feels. You don’t need to throw yourself into the pool. You can dip your toe in first. So think about something that you feel a lack of confidence in and start to take small steps to make the growth fun and enjoyable. Maybe say hello to people you don’t know. Comment on facebook posts with your opinion. Email someone with a request you really want. Wear that outfit that. Do that Facebook live. It’s the compound effect of all of these things that helps to boost your confidence.
  2. Get support- Look at babies. They need so much support to grow and develop. They need attention, nurturing, love and to be held. We do too! If you love gardening, you will know that for climbers to grow to their full potential they need support. We are constantly learning  growing and expanding. It is impossible to know it all. We think our learning stops when we leave school but that is just the start. If you are not confident in something  spend time learning about it. Invest in mentorship and support. Join a community. Don’t force yourself to do things alone. 

“If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.”

     3. Trust that all will happen in divine timing. The baby does not know what he wants or what he is aiming for. He is            just in the process of trust and surrender. Sometimes it is better to not analyse and question everything but instead to allow. 

A great exercise in trust is to start being more giving. This involves trust as you give with no expectation of receiving  You can give your time, money. love, compliments. Start today and give more away and you will see that it will return in many ways which allow you to learn, grow, expand and trust. Be aware of how you feel when you trust. It gives you a deep sense of knowing and feeling supported. When you give love from a place of no expectation, powerful things happen.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s challenge.

Let me know how you are getting on and see you tomorrow on facebook at 9.30am

Much love


PS Here is the replay of today’s live.

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