Dear mama, give yourself permission to rest…

How to get better sleep and rest in pregnancy and postnatally

As a mum and a specialist pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher, I am well aware of the problems with sleep and rest that many of us can experience when we have babies and toddlers. From uncomfortable nights in pregnancy, to babies waking you up for a feed and onto toddler wake ups and worries, there are so many additional factors that can cause us to have a bad night’s sleep and feel exhausted the next day. And this is on top of the many other factors that can affect our sleep on a regular basis!

Therefore in this short blog I wanted to share a few handy resources that can help to recharge the batteries and help you to get through those tired days (and nights). These include handy articles to read, free Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) recordings and yoga videos.

Please enjoy these resources and do get in contact if you need further help of have any additional questions regarding getting good rest and sleep during pregnancy and postnatally.

Susan Yeates

Yoga Teacher and Tired Mama

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.susansworldofyoga.co.uk


Susan is our guest blogger in this occasion as she is an expert in our Blossom & Berry Nurture University, a project aimed at showcasing talent and sharing expert knowledge with professionals nurturing families and parents nurturing children. This list of valuable resources will hopefully help you to get a little better rest and sleep.


Helpful Articles on Sleep and Rest

Here are a few links to some of Susan’s blog articles all about getting better sleep and rest:

My Top 10 Good Sleep Habits

Be Like a Baby – Bedtime Routines for Adults

6 Reasons to Practice Yoga Nidra

Do You Give Yourself Permission to Rest?


Yoga Nidra Recordings

Yoga nidra is a form of guided meditation – one where you basically lie down and relax physically whilst your mind follows along to the words of the speaker. I absolutely LOVE yoga nidra and use it regularly throughout the week. I listed to short nidras when I need a quick recharge and I listen to long ones to unwind deeply when I have the chance or I am feeling particularly exhausted. I would like to share links to three free recordings for you to sample and then I have a number of longer recordings that you can look at should you enjoy these short ones!!

10 min guided relaxation for pregnancy

5 min postnatal guided relaxation

Relax and Rest – 10 minute guided relaxation


Other Yoga Nidra Recordings On the Susan’s World of Yoga Shop:



Yoga Sleep Sequence Video

I recorded this video for the website Channel Mum earlier in 2019 but this is a really handy sequence for practicing before bed during that ‘pre-sleep buffer’ – that time of night when you are winding down from the day and getting ready for bed. Practice all or just some of the sequence before bed ideally in a relaxed and calm environment. Take your time, breathe slowly and enjoy. The more you practice this the more benefits you get!



Pregnancy Yoga Sequence Video

For those pregnant mummies out there, this short yoga sequence can help you to relax and unwind. Practice this at any time of the day.



Still Need Help?

If you are still struggling with getting rest and good sleep or would like a free consultation on how therapeutic yoga approach to better sleep can help you please email [email protected] to find out more. I work on a 1-2-1 basis to assist people with getting better sleep through introducing good habits and practices that include yoga, meditation, breath-work, adjusting environmental factors and yoga Nidra.


About Susan and Susan’s World of Yoga

Susan is an award-winning yoga teacher (MPower Mum’s in Business Spirit Award 2018), mum and founder of Susan’s World of Yoga – an online yoga space for anyone looking to get better quality rest and relaxation. Blending expert yoga tuition with specialist knowledge in the field of pregnancy and postnatal yoga, restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra guided relaxation, she provides a unique perspective on how to find deep relaxation and reconnect with yourself. Join Susan to nurture your body and soul, relax your mind and indulge in essential ‘me time’ – perfect for tired mamas!




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