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Why I love teaching baby massage

3 Jan 2019

Five reasons why becoming a baby massage teacher and teaching baby massage is amazing

I love teaching baby massage and yoga. You probably already know that right? I mean I have been doing it for over 17 years so it’s got to be making me happy!

It does make me happy, and inspired and excited and motivated to help as many parents and babies as I can across the world to have the best start to life and to continue to connect throughout their journey together.

I have taught courses, workshops, one to ones, at retreats and events all over the world and my goal is always the same; to help parents and babies feel more connected through nurturing touch. Whether it’s in Malawi with mothers and babies living in extreme poverty or parents at the launch of a new baby product at Harrods, I always want to share what I know. And that is… creates love. The more love you feel for yourself as a parent, the more love you have to give to your baby and the more your baby will grow with love. Simple but true.

So here are my top 5 reasons to teach baby massage;

  1. You get to put love in action-Studies show that the key components of bonding are eye contact, talking, smell ¬†exchange, touch and the release of oxytocin. Baby massage has all of these things. Baby massage puts bonding and love in action. Rather than read about how to connect with your baby, you can just do it. There in that moment. It’s magic to watch and a privilege to create through teaching
  2. You get to make a difference at a grass roots level-In your classes you can really serve new mothers. You can find out what they need and provide it. You can create community, support and a space to talk, be heard and to listen. You can make an impact with baby massage groups and help provide the missing nurturing care that new mothers need. You can watch babies uncurl and grow with love. It’s a joy to be a part of and I love to nurture my parents and babies equally. Again, love creates love.
  3. You get to be with your family-Teaching baby massage enables you to support and be present with your family. You chose how and when to work to create the lifestyle you want. You get to love both your family and your job and in doing so feel so much more alive and energised.
  4. You can earn a great income-Teaching baby massage is a lifestyle business. You can teach as many classes as you want and your hourly return is great for doing something you love. Teaching is a great return on your time.
  5. If you fall in love with baby massage like I have (and 100’s of my teachers), you will never “work”. You will play, and empower and create and inspire and transform the lives of those around you. Teaching is an absolutely pleasure.

So if you want to teach baby massage, I am here ready to teach you and I know exactly what awaits you. Get in touch and lets find out if it’s a perfect fit for you. You can find details of our latest course here

You can also watch my facebook live here with a bit more on this

Much love


Does this resonate with you?

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