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Hello Everyone!
If you had not guessed, it’s #givingtuesday! Blossom & Berry  gives throughout the year to many things from charitable projects, voluntary work, scholarships and free course give-aways. As it’s Giving Tuesday so we thought we would let you know a little bit about a cause close to our hearts. The Little Blossoms Project in Malawi.

We work with the charity Love Support Unite to educate and empower women and children in Malawi and share the benefits of positive touch and communication.

Our aim is to provide education, training and support to women within the community using massage and other skills training. We aim to help support parents and babies and increase health and wellbeing of families using infant massage, baby health care guidance and first aid techniques to empower women within the community and help give babies the best start in life.

We aim to use infant massage to provide the vital love, positive communication and attachment that babies need for healthy physical and emotional development whilst providing women with valuable skills and knowledge they can share. We have created a network of teachers acting as Nurture Ambassadors who teaching the benefits of early infant care, positive touch and safe motherhood health education. Our teachers are now working in the community to train other women as teachers to pass the benefits on to more women.

We also train orphanage staff how to massage the babies in their care to help provide them with the vital touch they need for their physical and emotional development. We have taught hospital staff how to use massage to support children with special needs and help manage pain.

We also support wider projects organised by Love Support Unite focusing on improving the lives of local communities through sustainable education, health checks, feeding programmes and clean water. We run a foster home for children in the local community to provide nurturing care.

It’s easy to How can you be a part of the project;

1. Consider making a gift to help mothers & babies on #givingtuesday

2. Join us and volunteer on the ground in Malawi in May when we will be teaching infant massage in the community and training new teachers. Visit  for more details.
3. Buy a pair of Love Specs for your loved ones which support our work at and help us get the word out on social media using #lovespecs #youarelove #sendlovethisxmas with the hashtag #givingtuesday.4.Do something kind for another person.

Today’s the day and we need your help to grow our impact on the children and community in Malawi. We can’t make these sustainable changes without you. Please support our campaign if you can.

Lot’s of Love
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