Have a Cuppa with Dulcie Batt of Joyful Mamas

This week we had the truly wonderful Dulcie Batt on the podcast, and I wanted to share this snippet of brilliance with you all in this week’s blog.

To hear more about Dulcie’s joyful approach to parenting and supporting other parents you can listen to the podcast here:

“I work with women from conception all the way through pregnancy, birth, and then the first year of mamahood as a birth empowerment coach and as a mama joy activator.

Parenthood is the hugest identity shift, and I think we’re not very well educated about that -it arrives as quite a shock. I certainly experienced it myself. I see it all the time, and I hope to kind of lay the seeds of expectation with mamas so they’re ready and they’re primed.

I have a kind of five-part approach, and cunningly the first words all spell out CUPPA. So moms, grab yourself a cuppa and sit down and invest in rest in this moment.


I feel like becoming a mum is a real opportunity to raise your consciousness and awareness. Just being conscious, recognizing that this is a time for incredible growth and just really switching up the dial so when things happen that feel wonderful, rather than rushing them through, pausing a moment and letting yourself really drink in that goodness, letting yourself feel it on a cellular level.

Unconditional Love:

No matter the highs or the lows, you can really, really love yourself through becoming a parent and that’s treating yourself as you would your child. Drop into the body, really tune into how this builds in your heart and let that unconditional love permeate all, keep coming back to love. You’ll stray away, but return, just keep this continual returning.


Being present is so difficult to achieve in our world where we are constantly pulled in 1,001 directions. So often we live in our heads where we are remembering and we’re projecting, but we’re rarely engaging in the present. Joy can be looked forward to, it can be remembered, but it can only be experienced right now. So in terms of really tanking up on that wonderful feeling, it’s about really noticing what’s happening as life evolves and unfolds.

Positive perspective.

Attention I feel, really grows where energy goes. So rather than looking for can go wrong go looking for what can go right, looking for what’s magic in this moment.

Acceptance. It’s acceptance of what is and just allowing that, it’s a surrendering, that’s what pregnancy brings, that’s what birth brings, that’s what being a mama brings- acceptance of your child as they are, as opposed to what you expected or hoped them to be. It takes great courage to accept life as it is and work it to your benefit. I really feel that acceptance over resistance fuels joy. So that’s my cuppa!”

If you would like to learn more about Joyfull Mamas you can check out Dulcie’s Instagram here:  https://www.instagram.com/joyfullmamas/

And if you’d like to know more about the work we do teaching Love across the world or become a teacher with us, you can visit our website for more information. 

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