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Baby Massage – A Baby’s Sensory World

Humans have five basic senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. The sensing organs associated with each sense send information to the brain to help us understand and perceive the world around us. Babies enter into a sensory world:

Visual – Even before birth a baby can see.

A baby’s optic nerve is formed almost immediately after the fertilisation of the egg. The newborn is designed to be able to see its parents and can focus approximately 7-12 inches away from itself at birth. Although the baby can see, the optic nerve is not yet covered in myelin which helps to transmit messages to the brain and therefore newborns prefer bold and sharp colours and contrasts. Research shows that babies are particularly attracted to the shape of a bull’s eye which resembles the shape of the iris and the nipple, both essential features for the infant to identify on its mother in order to ensure survival.

Aural – sound of its parents’ voices.

Babies are particularly attracted to high pitched sounds because of the design and structure of the ears (Decasper 1980). Mothers instinctually tend to communicate with their babies using this type of sound and pitch. 

Taste – The infant has taste buds at birth.

Babies will usually prefer sweet tastes probably because breast milk has a sweeter taste. 


Research done by Porter in 1983 showed that an infant’s highly refined sense of smell immediately after birth helps it to identify its mother’s chemical signature and discriminate it against others. Kennell and Klaus’ research in 1983 also showed that smell is a crucial component in the bonding process between parent and baby. 


Studies have shown that touching a baby’s skin or close skin to skin contact helps to reassure the infant and lowers levels of stress hormone in the infant’s body. When a baby is massaged it aids the process of the myelination of the nerve cells in the baby’s body which helps to mature the nervous system and improve overall brain/ body communication.

Blossom & Berry’s mission is to grow babies with love, touch, responsive care and positive interaction. We create nurturing experiences for parents and babies to deepen connection and confidence.

We focus on touch as a way to support infant and maternal mental health as we believe this is the foundation for health and happiness. Blossom & Berry was born out of love! Within all our training we provide you with extensive research and a full understanding of all five senses so you can feel confident as a Baby Massage Instructor.

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