The Foundations of a Successful Parent and Baby Teaching Practice

One of the questions I get asked most often is HOW do I create a SUCCESSFUL Parent and Baby Teaching Practice? So in this week’s blog, I wanted to write about the foundations of a successful parent and baby teaching practice from my lived experience of the last 20 years.

So what are the foundations for creating a successful parent and baby teaching practice? 

  1. VISION 

    It is so important that you recognize that you are a creative visionary. You are the leader of your life, and anything that you desire to create right now is possible.Every single person has the opportunity to create more love in the world by being more fully expressed. So the first thing to create a successful parent and baby wellness business or anything in life is to know yourself. Know who you are, know what makes you happy, know what doesn’t make you happy, and know what it is you want to bring into your life. That is the start of the journey. That’s the pure power that will allow you to create wherever you desire.

    Now, you don’t have to know 100% where you want to be in 20 years’ time. All you need to know is where you want to be now, how you want to feel now, and what you desire your life to be now.

    What you are feeling in this moment is really all we ever have. That feeling you have in your belly when you think about what it is that you could achieve in the future, that feeling, that desire, that excitement is available to you every day when you take the decision to follow the path, to amplify that feeling and leave behind any fears and doubts.


    When you step into leadership, you’ll see that happen in all areas of your life. Suddenly, You’re starting to say, okay, so what do I want in my relationship with my partner? What do I want in my relationship with my friends? What do I want and why?Blossom and Berry is very special in that we are a container of love, we are a portal of love. And I believe that anyone who steps into this space, be it a baby, a parent, or a teacher feels that and genuinely it changes you, love changes you, expands you, it creates freedom.

    It opens your eyes to the magic of life. It deepens your appreciation for everything. It allows you to feel so grateful for everything that you are receiving and so it is a truly transformational experience.


    To know that when you start up a business, it’s never a straight line. If there were a straight line, then everyone would be hugely successful in business. There’d be no learning. There’d be no other businesses setting up to support other businesses. There’d be no collaborations.So in every moment where you need support, you are reaching out and creating a connection with another person in a relationship with another person, potentially investing in another business of another person. We are all supposed to help each other and that it’s all about co-creation and collaboration and cooperation, and not about competition, not about how quickly can I get to the end result, it’s about the journey. You can develop resilience, and you can develop the ability to hold yourself through all situations – a depth of courage, a depth of bravery.

    Developing a mindset of growth, resilience, cooperation and abundance is really, really important in order to be successful.


    When creating a successful business a really important foundation is to have support. I believe that everybody is here for a reason and that we can all support each other in becoming more of ourselves and not less. Getting support from the community, and getting support from mentorship will just make your life so much more joyful and pleasurable and easy and fun. Even if the support at the beginning is just asking someone to help you with your baby (if you have a baby) so you can get on and do something you want to do, or if it’s asking your partner (if you have a partner) for some time, or even just supporting yourself and saying this is important to me and so I am going to make sure that I’m getting enough sleep and then feeding my body and creating enough time and space in my life to be able to do this.So I hope those things: vision, leadership, resilience and support will help you to feel confident to set up or scale your parent and baby teaching practice at Blossom and Berry.

    I’d love for you to find out more about teaching love with us so head to our website now and see if there is a course for you.


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