The inconvenient truth about baby routines-Why do we make babies fit in from day one?

Why do we try and fit babies into routines?

Babies are individuals with their own feelings, needs and preferences. It seems madness to imagine that babies can fit into routines in the same way that it would be crazy to expect adults to do the same things and have the same needs day in and day out. Trying to programmed babies from the beginning to “fit in” is doomed to fail and also does not respect their uniqueness as humans. Maybe some of the reasons why adults don’t feel able to follow their true path is they have been program to accept routine and the “norm” from birth.

Babies are here to teach us what they need to help them grow and develop. Making assumptions on what they need based on theory can make your relationship with your baby feel hard or like a battle of wills. Babies are communicating with us from birth. By listening we help to protect them from fear and stress and teach them that their voice is heard and they are seen. So many problems in society stem from how we see ourselves as individuals. Loving babies unconditionally and letting them lead us gives a real chance of a different future. Peaceful societies come from peaceful parenting.

Baby massage is always baby led. It’s a chance to communicate to your baby how much their are loved and that they are connected. Babies don’t need toys or fancy nurseries. They need parents that are open to exploring all of the emotions and feelings that make us human. Let babies take the lead.

Much love

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