The launch of Love Letters For New Mothers at the Wallace Collection in London

We birthed a book! Love Letters For New Mothers is born.

Blossom & Berry and friends of Blossom & Berry have loving created this book Love Letters For New Mothers for new mothers. When I had this idea back in January I was not sure if it would really happen! I asked for help and it appeared in the form of courageous women prepared to share their stories to help other mothers.

To celebrate all the vulnerablity, joy and love that has been poured into this book, we had a wonderful launch party at the Wallace Collection on Sunday 24th June 2018. We combined the launch with our annual Nurture Day so my teachers and students could connect and meet up to share their experiences of teaching. It’s also always a great excuse for a get together and chat.

The event was absolutely beautiful and the sun shone on us all day. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful teachers and friends in my life. My dream became reality because of their love and support. All proceeds from the book are going to PANADAS Foundation to support post natal health and to my charity Love Support Unite.

You can get your copy of the book here

Love Gayle



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