Are you giving your baby what he really needs?

What do babies really need?

In order to grow and develop and reach our full potential, we all have needs which we need to have met. I have always been fascinated by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs so I decided to apply it to babies. We often think about babies’ needs as physical. Is she dry? Is he hungry? Is she tired? Is he warm? And these are foundational needs which are crucially important for our survival but babies needs are more complex than that. Babies need a sense of security, a sense of love and belonging. They need to feel cared for. Communicating these things to your baby can help him feel more relaxed and relaxed babies may sleep and eat better because their bodies are in an optimum state for growth and development. Despite the old stories about not holding babies too much or leaving babies to cry it out, all the science says to respond to babies needs and always provide nurturing care. This is the foundation of attachment and mental health. This is how you can help your baby reach their full potential. Babies communicate their needs through subtle body language and their their cries. It’s so important to tune in and learn your baby’s language so you can support him and meet his needs. We focus a lot on babies physical health but mental health is as important and the two are linked. We teach the importance of learning your baby’s language, trusting your baby and responding to cues in baby massage. It’s the perfect way to communicate love. Love creates love ❤️?❤️

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