Why don’t you just trust yourself?- Part One on Getting More Clarity and Confidence Challenge

So are you ready to shift to more clarity and confidence?

Part One

The two biggest challenges that stop us achieving what we want are;


So let’s get up close and personal with these two blockers and see what is really going on.

Where does fear come from?

So fear is a very important part of our lives. It is our early warning system to protect us from death or injury and without it humans probably would not have evolved to be where we are today. Fear gets bad press but fear and stress in the right environment and situations can save our lives. Fear is not all bad. But then it gets a bit more complicated!

There are 3 types of fear;

  1. Survival related such as security, safety, wanting to avoid death or pain.
  2. Self talk/Emotional fears- These come from a place of self protection on an emotional level rather than physical and include things like fear of failure, rejection, judgment.
  3. THE BIGGY- I can’t do something, I can’t handle it, I am not ready, I am not equipped. These are the big fat blocking fears that make up LIMITING BELIEFS that slow you do or stop you completely. 

So the biggest fear is “I can’t do this”. Notice what that declaration is telling you; it completely blocks and paralyses you with that idea. You don’t want to go anywhere or do anything when this FEAR is around. 

So let’s stop a second.

If you knew that you could handle something, you were able and capable to do it….there would be no FEAR.

It would disappear and NOTHING WOULD BE IN YOUR WAY. 

So what is the answer to FEAR……


Yes it is really that simple (but not always easy)

When you allow yourself to trust, to surrender to the process, to allow and to recognise your greatness and gift on this earth…


The first step to confidence is TRUST AND SELF BELIEF. To recognise your capability as a unique human being.

So the big question…..Why don’t you trust yourself to do it?

Well to make you feel better it’s not really your fault.

  1. Conditioning- From birth we hear messages like, “Be careful” “That’s dangerous” “Don’t touch”. We are told to stick on the path and not wander off. We are programmed with the message that the world is a scary place and we should minimise risk.
  2. Stories-If something has not gone to plan in the past, we like to use stories to keep ourselves small and limit ourselves. We listen to these stories all the time saying we are not good enough or this is the truth, the reality. These negative stories are draining and disempowering and we often have them on 24/7.
  3. Mindset-How capable do you feel to do what you want to do? Do you recognise your own greatness?

All these things undermind our greatness, self belief, trust and love for ourselves.

Fear is disempowering but we can turn this around.

Creating a connected vision and taking aligned action is empowering.

We can move from fear to love quickly and shift into flow and ease. 

We move out of our heads and into our bodies and hearts. 

To get you to act on this consider this-

Is the fear of getting started more or less than the feeling of regret you might have at the end of your life looking back on where you invested your time, energy and where you placed your happiness.


So let’s get you going;

Three questions and exercises-

  1. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
  2. Write down three examples of where you have trusted yourself, navigated the unknown and overcome challenges for success. 
  3. How did you do this? What are your innate capabilities? What was your mindset? 

These exercises will GROUND YOU into REALITY so you can look again at fear.

Look out for the next blog tomorrow covering the power of vision.

Much Love

Gayle ♡

PS Check out our facebook live video on this and our you tube channel where I cover all these points.

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