Why vision makes life flow-Day Two Confidence and Clarity Challenge

Day Two of the challenge is here.

Dissatisfaction and discouragement doesn’t come from the absence of things, it comes from the absence of vision.

Today I am going to be looking at why having a VISION is so powerful and how it helps pull in all of the actions, energy and determination to reach your goal.

If you are not getting where you want to go, a VISION will give you clarity of FOCUS and FOCUSED ENERGY creates results and action.

Scattered energy can be draining and it diverts your attention. It’s like training to hit a target without aiming first.

Having a clear VISION also helps you detach from the monkey mind and the pull of everyday life. We all have to undertake actions everyday but unless the actions we choose are aligned, we are going to be taking diversions all the time rather than reaching our destination. You don’t just get in a car or on a train and not know where you are going. You have a destination and a map to get there. That is what a VISION does for you and your business. It gets you there on the shortest route with the least diversion at the optimum speed.

Your VISION is ultimately your WHY. Why get up in the morning? It’s your vision, your hope for the future. It’s what gives your life meaning and creates fulfilment.

I would say that there is simply no way I could have done all I have done with my work and my personal life without a vision. It’s the big picture stuff that gets us through the small micro moments.

This is so apparent in motherhood. It’s the tiny, repeated moments of love and nurturing care even when we are tired and running out of patience that keeps us going because the vision of a happy and healthy future for our children is strong enough to power though most things. Our vision is what is most important to us. It is what we know to be right for ourselves, our children and the world. We keep going because our vision MATTERS.

Getting grounded

What a vision does is it grounds ideas in your brain (dreams and thoughts) into reality and makes things happen. An idea is just a dream without aligned action. Overthinking drains you and can put you into a negative mindset which does not help growth. Having a vision is a powerful tool in transformation it can take you from;

FEAR                               BELIEF


NEGETIVITY                   ENERGY

RESISTANCE.                 FLOW

Ways to create a vision

There are many ways to create a vision. I am going to share my personal faves;

  1. Vision Board-I love them and I believe in them. They are so powerful because they keep in your awareness all of the things you are aiming for. To create one is simple to do and very relaxing (and fun). Just get some magazine and flick through to find the images you are drawn to and then cut them out and stick them on an A3 piece of paper. I also add photos of things I have already achieved as gratitude. Put the board where you can see it regularly and visualise the things happening.
  2. Journaling-Probably my No.1 thing to do in the world. Have a dreams book or a vision journal allows you to write and re write what you want to achieve. Writing your journal as if the things are happening or have happened already can also be very powerful. This is called Future Journalling.
  3. Visualisation-If you enjoy meditation you might like to create a meditation where you see yourself in the future having achieving all that you want. 

Exercises for today

1.What is your why? Why do you do your business? What is your why for yourself? What is your why for your clients and for your family? What is your why for the world?

This is my vision

What’s the vision? I created Blossom & Berry to give every baby the chance to receive love through nurturing touch and loving connection. I want all children to start life knowing that they belong, they are accepted and they are loved. Through this knowledge, I believe that the world will be a more loving, connected and peaceful place where all people can live joyous lives and reach their full potential. Am I am dreamer? I have a strong intention to do the most good I can in the world with my work and I am have a team of incredible teachers helping me to take action on my vision everyday. My vision is coming true! All my teachers are so special to me and part of the Blossom & Berry family because together we can teach love.

2.Write a detailed description of what you want your life to be in the next 6 months, year or 3 years. Create a picture of what you want to be doing and where you want to be? Really lean into the emotions here and describe how you are feeling.

3. Create a vision board-If you don’t have time to do one now then go over to Pinterest and create an electronic one and then you can screen shot this to your phone.

I should also say that if you want to express your creativity vision in another way, please do that as the most powerful exercises are the ones that are aligned.

Do let me know what you think and share your vision.

Much love

Gayle xx

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