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Little Blossom Project Malawi

Gayle Berry of Blossom & Berry has created a partnership with Kathryn Marshall of Little Baban Baby Massage to establish, fundraise and manage the Little Blossoms Project as a result of working alongside Love Support Unite Africa Foundation and Tilinanu Orphanage in Malawi (registered charity number 1162406).

Love Support Unite Africa is a volunteer foundation with a difference. Originally founded by Alice and Nina Pulford to sustain Tilinanu Orphanage Malawi and ensure it remained completely non-profit, the volunteer foundation has allowed LSU to dream much bigger than they ever anticipated. Now bringing about powerful and lasting change across Malawi through its outreach projects, this is an organisation built upon people, not proceeds. LSU is all about putting the heart and soul back into volunteering. Each placement is tailored to the individual volunteers own specific skill set, with the individual involved in every stage of the process; from deciding on the area the project will focus upon, to planning, implementation and continuation. LSU works alongside the Tilinanu orphanage to implement it’s outreach projects. 

LSU’s work has changed many lives in Malawi and the Little Blossoms Project will be a permanent sub-project within Love Support Unite’s goals to focus on women, carers, mothers and babies and the wider family unit.

Our Aim with Love Support Unite Africa

Our aim is to provide education, training and support to women within the community using massage and other skills training. We aim to help support parents and babies and increase health and wellbeing of families using infant massage, baby health care guidance and first aid techniques to empower women within the community and help give babies the best start in life.

We aim to use infant massage to provide the vital love, positive communication and attachment that babies need for healthy physical and emotional development whilst providing women with valuable skills and knowledge they can share. We have created a network of teachers acting as Nurture Ambassadors who teaching the benefits of early infant care, positive touch and safe motherhood health education. Our teachers are now working in the community to train other women as teachers to pass the benefits on to more women.

We also train orphanage staff how to massage the babies in their care to help provide them with the vital touch they need for their physical and emotional development. We have taught hospital staff how to use massage to support children with special needs and help manage pain.

We also support wider projects organised by Love Support Unite focusing on improving the lives of local communities through sustainable education, health checks, feeding programmes and clean water. We run a foster home for children in the local community to provide nurturing care.

What we have achieved

Trained women in hand and foot massage to provide an income.

Trained staff in a baby orphanage in baby massage so they can deliver baby massage to the babies in their care.

Trained five Nurture Ambassadors in infant massage and safe motherhood to teach women in rural community groups. We have taught a number of  “pop up” baby massage classes to mothers in Lilongwe. These groups are helping to support women and provide vital education.

Provided donations of “Nurture Packs” with post natal essentials to women at the local birthing clinic.

Provided micro loans to women to start their own businesses supporting the creation of a foster home for children in partnership with Squire Patton Boggs Law firm.

Plans for the future

Create a network of Nurture Ambassadors to help reach women in rural communities. This will be a sustainable project funded through the creation of women’s enterprise initiatives providing them with income to support their families and contribute towards their education. We have already had interest from community groups to extend the program and hope to work with the government in Malawi to develop the program.

Building a mother & baby shelter to enable health education, checks and early years education.

Further training of hospital staff in massage for children with special needs.

Taking volunteers to Malawi to teach massage and baby massage skills.