Anti-Racism Education and Activism

My journey with anti-racism education and activism started back in May from a place of ignorance and unconscious bias. I always believed myself to be a kind, loving and compassionate person and of course, I would never have considered myself to be racist BUT I was living in an ignorance bubble, blind to prejudice and not enlightened enough to truly question why things are as they are. Protected by my white privilege I did not understand truly how the life I was living and decisions in my business were not supporting anti-racism. I was not doing anything to be racist but equally, I was not acting to stop it.

For this ignorance, unconscious bias and lack of mindfulness I am truly sorry. Sorry to any of my teachers who suffered or felt silenced, sorry to anyone who encountered my bias and saw no representation of themselves in my business and left feeling like they were not welcome. Sorry for being inactive in educating myself and thinking that it was enough to teach love with the hope that it would bring more connection and peace. If I am to TEACH LOVE I must also be ANTI HATE and Blossom & Berry is now actively launching campaigns to help prevent unconscious bias in children with @nobiasbabies and set up bursaries to encourage more inclusivity with @themotherhoodgroup plus a whole range of other initiatives led by my friend and amazing teacher Josette @thelittlenestlingplace who taught me a very important lesson about really listening and challenging myself, my ego and my prejudices. A lesson I am so grateful for and is a gift for us, my family and all my teachers.

I want to sincerely apologise for any harm caused and I am here to make amends and lead with love. Black lives matter said from my heart with an understanding of what this really means hearing the pain of my black friends and teachers and so many other accounts that I was deaf to before. I am here to grow and learn and my commitment is to be integrity with my values of love and compassion for all ♡

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