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When should you massage your baby and how your baby is telling you it is the right time for a massage?

Baby massage is a wonderful activity that helps to grow trust between you and your baby. But when should you start to massage your little one and when is it the appropriate time for infant massage? In this article, we will talk about the signs your baby gives you that you should follow before and …

When should you massage your baby and how your baby is telling you it is the right time for a massage? Read More »

Woman led on the floor holding a baby

Baby Yoga and The Infant Body

Cardiovascular System  The cardiovascular system consists of the heart, blood and blood vessels. The heart pumps oxygenated blood around the body via arteries, and pumps deoxygenated blood carrying carbon dioxide via the veins. There are two types of circulation; pulmonary which transports blood to and from the lungs and systemic, which transports blood to and …

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Mum with head in her hands while baby is stood up in their cot in the nursery

Postnatal Depression Support

Baby Massage aims to help parents understand their baby’s behaviour and respond to their baby’s needs using touch. In every session it is important to stress the following points; The parent is doing the best they can to help their baby. Young babies often suffer from periods of fretfulness and behaviour usually improves from 12 …

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Picture of a man holding a crying baby dressed in pink

Settling a crying baby

Working with babies with colic or unsettled babies with colic or baby’s prone to overstimulation may appear tense, difficult to console and cry excessively. It is important to reassure parents that in the majority of cases this is a temporary situation that subsides as the baby develops.  Our Colic Massage Workshop or Soothe, Settle and …

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Picture of a baby poking their tongue out and being handed a teething toy

Baby Massage for Teething

Massage on the face can be very relaxing as well as having excellent therapeutic benefits, particularly for babies who are teething or who have sinus congestion.  When massaging the face you only need a small amount of oil on your fingertips. This is because you want to avoid oil going into baby’s eyes, nose or …

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