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3 Steps to Running Baby Classes

Today, I’m going to share 3 Simple Steps to help you take action and start teaching baby classes in your local area so that you can create the Baby Wellbeing Business of your dreams.

Step 1 – Get Clear on Your Vision

What kind of classes do you want to run? How will you serve your community? What makes you feel excited to get started? These are all important questions to ask yourself. This is your business and you get to design it however you want. You get to bring all your passion, experience and expertise to this vision. Do you want to run toddler classes, dad and baby classes, combined baby massage and yoga sessions, or outdoor nature-based classes? Perhaps you want to specialise in one area or run a series of classes that take parents from pregnancy all the way through to toddlerhood and beyond. You might choose to have drop-in classes or get parents to pay in advance. You might want to have weekly themes for your classes, add in stories, and sensory play, or make time for coffee and cake so parents can chat after class.

There are lots of different ways for you to build a business you love. The more time you spend getting clear on your vision and exactly what you want to create, the easier it will be to focus and bring your goals to life. Try not to get distracted by what other people might be doing. Now is the time to let your passion drive your vision. What do you really want to offer? How do you want to support and serve your community? How do you want your classes to feel? It’s not just about creating fun and nurturing classes for babies. When we nourish and nurture parents so that they feel seen, heard and able to connect with others, we are supporting their mental health and well-being which means they can better support their babies and help them reach their full potential. This work is so important and needed.

Once you have your vision, you’ll need to decide if you are ready to get started or if you’ll need more training to bring your baby business to life. At Blossom & Berry, we have an array of incredible courses and diplomas to support you whether you want to focus on newborns, toddlers, nature-based classes, yoga, or even become a Hygge specialist.

Step 2 – Choose Your Space

Now that you are clear on what you’re going to teach, you need to work out where you will hold your classes. Will you be hiring a space somewhere or teaching from home? Do you want to teach Tree Babies or Barefoot Beach Babies classes outside in nature? The right space allows parents to feel safe and held, it helps them relax and it provides for their basic needs – i.e. it isn’t too hot or cold, there are toilets, parking close by and somewhere to feed and change their baby. How your parents and babies feel is so important. When parents (and babies) feel relaxed and taken care of they are able to connect and open their hearts to the full experience of being in a group that is deeply rooted in love.

When you train with Blossom & Berry you get plenty of support and advice when it comes to choosing a suitable venue: from legal requirements and practical assessment guides to those special touches like nurturing playlists, ideas for play baskets, and handouts to beautifully support parents. And, in our Facebook group, you can also see photos of lovely, nurturing spaces created by some of our wonderful teachers around the world to help inspire you.

Step 3 – Find Your People

Now that you’ve looked at what you’re going to teach and where the final step is all about exploring how you are going to fill those classes. I’ve seen many wonderful teachers never reach their full potential because they are afraid to actually tell people about their business. They feel as though marketing is too pushy or transactional but the reality is that marketing is simply about connection and building relationships. It’s about love and that’s what we do best here at Blossom & Berry.

When you market your business from a place of authenticity and love, you don’t have to sell, just share. Share your passion. Share your dream. Be completely yourself, embodying everything your business stands for and the right people will connect with you. Here at Blossom & Berry, we offer lots of business advice to help support you so that you never feel alone and we encourage you to create a business that feels right for you. We have free business resources to get you started, as well as business advice built into our courses, regular Masterclasses in the Facebook group and private mentoring available with me.

So, those are the 3 Simple Steps to running classes in your area. Remember, creating a successful Baby Wellbeing Business is all about getting clear on your vision, creating connections and building community. It’s about being of service to parents and babies and holding safe spaces that are nourishing and nurturing. It’s about leading from Love. It’s about teaching Love. Because Love Creates Love. And that’s how we nourish the future one baby at a time.

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