Balancing Babies and Business

Can you balance a successful business and family life? 

Now this is a really important question because many of my Blossom & Berry students and teachers are parents, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to think, how am I going to balance being with my baby who I love completely and want to spend time with and honouring what I also love, which is to support other parents and babies? 

So, how do you bring those two things together in harmony? 

Now, I speak from a place of lived experience because I started my business with three children under three and a half. I was pregnant every year for five years. So I understand what it feels like to have a young family and to create a business. Well, what I can say is I am living proof that it is not only possible, but it’s also really super enjoyable and completely worthwhile as well because I now have children of 17, 19, and 21 I couldn’t have a more beautiful, connected, love-filled, wonderful relationship, which I value, honour andam grateful for every single day.

I was once exactly where you were thinking, can I do it all? Can I have it all?

The answer is yes, you can. 

The way to do that is to be here now. 

The way to have a balanced life with your babies whilst having a business is to be present. To be present with your business and to be present with your babies. 

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is trying to do all of the things at the same time. You might feel completely badass because you can multitask, but our brains are not actually designed to do that. And if we hold too much in our brains, it affects our emotions, which affects our energy, which then affects how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us. 

This is where come back as always, at Blossom and Berry to love creates love

When you love and honour yourself as a parent with your baby, and when you love and honour yourself as an entrepreneur or a teacher within your business, you can be everything at the same time. It is completely possible as long as you are present. 

So when you are with your babies, be present with your babies. Turn off your phone. Don’t try and do all of the other things, because presence is the greatest gift that you can give yourself. When you get present with your babies, they know that they are seen and heard and loved, and you know that you are being present with them and being the best version that you can be at that moment.

And when you’re with your business, you know that it is your time to be fully expressed, to be present with yourself as a leader, as a teacher, as a visionary, as an activator, as a nurturer, and as a space holder. Your business needs you to be present with it as well. If you are trying to do business and you’re also trying to play with your kids, or you are on your phone whilst you are cooking dinner you are not being present with anybody. 

Does this sound familiar?

Before you know it rather than balance you feel burnout, and that is not a place I desire anyone to be. Burnout often comes because we are just thinking too many thoughts. We are doing too many things. There’s a season for doing, there’s a season for being, and there’s a season for giving. There’s a season for receiving, there’s a season for planting seeds, and there’s a season for harvest. We are not supposed to be on 24/7 in anything that we are doing. And so this is actually a really beautiful opportunity to reevaluate your life and start to notice and bring awareness and contemplation to how you are balancing everything and bringing things back into harmony so that you can be present in the now.

That really is the secret. 

That is how I was able to navigate having young children and building Blossom and Berry. 

What you are doing now is laying the foundations for how to parent in a way that honours you as a person who wants your own time and space but also honours the fact that you are part of a family and that you want to love and nurture your children. 

If you can get this in the flow now, then this is a gift for your children and for you because your children are not going to benefit from an overwhelmed overstressed, burnt-out, always-doing parent because need love and love creates love

If you would like to know more about how Blossom and Berry can help you find that balance head to our website and look at which course could be right for you.



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