Spotlight on Teachers – Colette Bruce

Colette Bruce

Why did you want to teach baby massage?

I was actually first interested in Baby Yoga. I’d attended a class with my son when he was a baby. He suffered with silent reflux and it saved us! Living on barely any sleep baby yoga was a soothing class for us to attend and connect. We would enjoy exploring what we had learned at home and it definitely helped to strengthen our bond. I wanted to share this complete magic with others. During my maternity leave, I trained with B&B and the rest is history……

What was your experience of training with B & B like?

Wonderful…… I completed my in-person training and then studied and submitted my modules after that. I completed this all whilst on my maternity leave and was ready to set up my business with my new baby business partner. My study routine was to walk the dog with my baby in the carrier. Once he was asleep I’d study with him snuggled in the carrier or laying next to me…….perfect.

I felt fully supported by Gayle and all the Blossom and Berry teachers in the Facebook group. Supported not stifled I think is important to add here…… because I have always felt free to create my own business vision, sessions and vibe.

What has teaching baby massage given you?

A whole new life! Leaving my school teaching career was a BIG leap but it felt right. Wow, it was……. I’ve developed, evolved and grown so much in my business and parenting. I believe the seed that started ALL of this was Baby Yoga and Massage and training with Blossom and Berry.

What do you enjoy as a result of being a teacher?

My story in a few words…….

  • Had a baby – WOW!
  • Quit my job as a School Teacher specialising in the Early Years.
  • Baby massage and yoga business
  • Introduced a local charitable service for new parents
  • Taught at Into The Wild Festival
  • Wrote an article on The 8 Limbs of Baby Yoga for OM Yoga Magazine
  • Expanded to Teach Kids Yoga in my studio, sports center and a children’s center
  • Expanded to teach whole class yoga in schools, supporting class teachers with yoga in school
  • Created a one-day new mother retreat
  • Won MPower Spirit category
  • Co-wrote My First Yoga book with DK Publishers
  • Wrote the Preschool Yoga Teacher Training Course For Blossom and Berry
  • Published Yoga Mouse Starts School book
  • Who knows what is next…….

I wonder what your story will be? I can’t wait to hear all about it in the Blossom and Bery Teachers Nurture Collective Facebook Group.

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