Spotlight on Teachers – Kiera Andrews


Why did you want to teach baby massage?

When my daughter was born we were entering into quite a chaotic household, my partner lived with his mum, his son from a previous relationship, his sister, his niece plus loads of dogs! Wild but it is what it is, only this part of the story was entirely new to both me and my daughter, we were new!

Learning together, growing together… I actively looked for local classes that were calming, gentle, not too overstimulating. A bit of time in the week that was just for us. Baby Massage was exactly that! Whilst attending the classes I felt so deeply connected to my baby, I also witnessed beautiful auras around each parent with their own baby a sight I’ll never forget. I noticed how my daughter’s clenched fists relaxed as she smiled with pure joy! She had my undivided attention, this moment together was ours!

From then I knew I just had to create a space where parents could feel the same. A safe, comfortable environment, judgment-free for parents to feel held, empowered, loved and nurtured. For them to escape their chaos and simply be with their babies, hold them, feel them, notice and connect.

What was your experience of training with B & B like?

Training with Blossom & Berry was exciting! I still remember the thrill of enrolling and entering a community of love and compassion! After being in the hospitality industry where you rarely get much of that, this was beautiful! I truly felt connected.

The way the courses are structured gives you not only the knowledge to teach but the confidence to as well with videos & information on self-worth and value! Not to mention the ongoing support from the collective of teachers across the globe always there to celebrate wins, hold you through hard times and offer advice when needed.

What has teaching baby massage given you?

Teaching Baby Massage has given me a whole new path I would have never thought I’d go down! I’m now teaching other adults the beauty of baby massage so that they can practice with their little ones and grow & learn together.

What do you enjoy as a result of being a teacher?

I still have to pinch myself that this is actually what I do. I get to wake up every day knowing I can work around my daughter and make time for my family which is the most important thing! Go out and support a community of parents! I get to laugh, play and create every single day!

I honestly feel so blessed!

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