I LOVE YOU- Baby/Infant Massage Colic Massage Routine Strokes

The I LOVE YOU colic massage stroke was introduced to the world by the IAIM and Vimala McClure. I trained with the IAIM over 20 years ago and it’s the first place I discovered baby massage. I went on to create Blossom & Berry after doing lots of further training on baby yoga, early childhood development, nurturing care and infant mental health and we created a version of the original I LOVE YOU tummy massage strokes bringing in yoga as well which I call the NATURE NURTURE COLIC MASSAGE.

Why the I LOVE YOU infant massage stroke works so well.

The I LOVE YOU infant massage stroke is actually three baby massage strokes that help to move trapped wind through the bowel that can help with conditions like colic and constipation which are very common for new-born babies.

Digestion in the bowl occurs in a clockwise direction so what is really important is to move the air gently by using nurturing touch over baby’s belly. In this way we are almost doing the work of the intestinal muscles that are still developing. The massage is always done very gently with baby’s permission as colic and trapped wind can be very painful and the skin on the tummy is very sensitive.


-Our Nurturing Colic Massage Routine

At Blossom & Berry we use four massage strokes to help relieve colic and wind for babies which are;

Step One – Sun

The Sun stroke flows in a clockwise direction around the tummy just above belly button, over the hips following the path of digestion. Do 6-10 repetitions of this stroke.

“Here Comes The Sun” or sing “You are My Sunshine”

Step Two – Moon

The Moon stroke is placing right hand on baby’s tummy drawing a crescent or semi-circle shape from their right side to their left. Do 6-10 repetitions of this stroke.

“The Moon comes out when the Sun goes to sleep” or Play “Moon River”

Step Three – Rainbow

The Rainbow Stroke goes from babies right side to left in a beautiful rainbow stroke. Do 6-10 repetitions of this stroke.

“The very next day a Rainbow came out to play” or sing “I can see a Rainbow”

Step Four – Rain

Raindrops twinkling or walking across babies tummy from their right to left. Do 6-10 repetitions of this stroke.

“Raindrops, raindrops to make the flowers grow, maybe we’ll see sun again tomorrow”

Remember: All strokes work towards babies left side (this will seem opposite to you if baby is lying down) Flick your mind back to that clockwise direction for the sun stroke and go from there.

We created this massage routine for babies with colic so that it is easy for you to remember and you can actually share a story around the sun, moon, rainbow and rain with your baby which makes him/her feel more grounded, safe and secure as you explain what is happening. The easier it is for you to remember the routine, the less stress for you and baby…and that’s what baby massage is all about.

Check out our Nature Nurture Massage Playlist to have fun with

We recorded the colic massage routine as an audio to make it easy for you.


I have created this short audio for you on the routine for colic so you can pop it on a focus on massaging your baby. We suggest practising it at least twice a day for 14 days or preferably every time you change your baby’s nappy. You can do this over clothes or you can use oil. I would suggest doing it over clothes for ease as colicky babies can also be quite sensitive,

It’s a perfect addition or replacement to the I LOVE YOU baby massage stroke. Ultimately the best massage strokes are the ones you discover with your baby as all babies are different.

The key principles to stick with are;

♡ Make sure baby is happy and healthy 

♡ Always ask baby’s permission to massage 

♡ Do a patch test if you are using oil (organic sunflower oil)

♡ Work in a clockwise motion over the belly 

♡ Work in a downwards motion over the belly

♡ Keep tuned into babies cues and if baby has enough massage, stop and have a cuddle or place a hand on the belly. 

Infant massage is a beautiful practice and it really helps with colic. My daughter suffered so badly (I thought it would never end) and it was through using massage for colic I learnt about the power of touch and created Blossom & Berry!

And here she is now, with no tummy ache in sight.

Much love

Gayle x

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