Nobody is Perfect

Nobody is Perfect

Let me tell you a story.

I used to be afraid of feeling uncomfortable, negative, sad or anxious. As soon as these feelings would come I would distract myself and “pull myself together” not honouring my experience or that these feelings were as valid as any other. I used to think I had to be strong, positive and altogether all of the time. Why?

Because this was the image I had created for myself which then became a self-filling prophecy as I believed others had an expectation of me to behave like that and then I created the expectation for myself. What I was doing was masking my true feelings, blocking my self-expression and ultimately dishonouring myself by not being fully me. I would try and keep all my shit together, not ask for help and if I did, feel like I was taking up too much space or the energy of others. This of course became exhausting.

Now by nature and with lots of personal development work I do believe I am a very positive, high vibe and emotionally resilient person BUT I also have triggers, fears and anxieties as this is what makes us human. All these emotions are valid. Try and hide them. Squash them. Ignore them and eventually, they will become bigger, louder and unmanageable. Loving all your emotions in the here and now as they come and visit you enables you to understand yourself more and others to understand you. There is no shame in any emotions. I repeat there is no shame in any emotions. You are allowed to feel. So whatever comes up for you, sit with it, love it, thank it, share it. It is you and loving all your emotions means you love all of you and you are a beautiful and loving being. As you accept yourself and stop judging yourself, something wonderful happens. You accept others and stop judging and shaming them. Love creates love.

This whole process is not easy but for the last year, I have decided I love myself too much to not be fully me so if you honour me, you must honour all of me. This is the most energy-releasing practice you can do.

Stop expecting yourself to be perfect and stop expecting this of others. Stop finding things “wrong” with you or others. Be kind and compassionate to yourself and others. Be messy and vulnerable, it’s beautiful and it’s real. Sharing if it might help you today ♡

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