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Where to massage baby for trapped wind and constipation

The stomach can be quite a sensitive area to massage. Massaging the tummy can aid the passage of any trapped air bubbles in your baby’s tummy and intestines towards the bowel. Tummy massage can have huge benefits for babies that suffer from excessive or trapped wind or constipation as massage supports the movement of their digestive system. Some babies may find the sensation of air moving around the tummy uncomfortable however and can become tense. If this happens it is up to you as the parent to know whether to continue the massage. The effect of releasing air trapped in your baby’s tummy will help relieve your baby of the pain associated with trapped wind. You may feel that this may outweigh any minor discomfort your baby feels moving the air around his tummy. As your baby becomes more familiar with sensations of tummy massage he will not be as sensitive to the strokes. 

  • Make contact with your baby’s tummy by laying your hand flat across the soft part of the stomach. Rest your hand there for 30 seconds or more. Benefits for baby: This stroke will get your baby used to the feel of your hands on his stomach. The heat from your hand also acts as a mini hot water bottle and can be very soothing and reassuring if your baby has a tummy ache. 
  • Place your hand flat across the soft part of baby’s tummy. Move your hand from the top of the stomach area to the bottom of the stomach area. Repeat this movement using the other hand. Use alternate hands in a paddling motion. Remember to use the flat part of the hand and not the edge. Repeat six to eight times. 
  • Hold your baby’s legs by the ankles with one hand. Elevate the legs with the other hand repeat the paddling motion described in the above stroke. Repeat six to eight times. 
  • Place the pad of each thumb on either side of your baby’s tummy button. Gently apply a little pressure to the stomach as you glide your thumbs to the outside of the stomach area. Be careful not to press too hard. Use gentle but firm pressure. Repeat six to eight times. 
  • Using the fingers of your left hand, make circles in a clockwise direction on your baby’s stomach area. Always make circles in a clockwise direction following the direction of your baby’s digestion. Do not press too hard on this area. Repeat six to eight times. 
  • Once you have established the rhythm of the full circle, add your right hand and draw a half-circle on the left-hand side of babies abdomen area. Imagine baby’s tummy has a clock on it with 12 at the top and 6 at the bottom, use the right hand to draw a half-circle from “9 to 5” on the clock. 
  • Using the fingers of one of your hands, draw the shape of an upside-down U or a bridge from the right-hand side of your baby’s stomach to the left-hand side. Repeat six to eight times.
  • Open your hand and gently drum your fingers from the bottom of your baby’s stomach to the top as you walk your fingers from the right-hand side of your baby’s tummy across to the left-hand side. Repeat six to eight times. Make the strokes gradually lightly to signal that the stomach massage is coming to an end. Benefits for baby: Helps to break down any large air bubbles trapped in the stomach. The smaller the air bubbles in your baby’s tummy, the easier and less painful it is for your baby to pass them.

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