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3 Easy Mindfulness Practices in Nature

Awakening the senses in nature

This is the easiest form of mindfulness to begin with. The intention is to use our senses and tune into nature. We bring our attention to what surrounds us and in doing so become present.

What to do:

Find your sit/still spot. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and then bring all of your attention towards your senses. What can you see, hear, smell, taste and feel? Notice the different depths in your senses. The layers of the environment around you. Notice the sounds that are closest. The feel of your body on the earth. What you can see in your depth of field. What are the smells? Be curious as to what you are experiencing and feeling. Become connected with everything that surrounds you. When your mind wanders, notice you’ve become distracted and then gently return your attention to one of your senses to find yourself. Use your breath to stay connected to the moment. You are always here. You are centred and grounded. Continue this practice for at least five minutes.


Mindful Walking

We walk every single day but it’s usually to a destination or for a purpose. Mindful walking is for the experience of walking in itself. We make the intention to be really present and then we can see, hear, feel and experience more of our environment than we ever do otherwise.

What to do:

Find a time and place that you can go for a short walk in your own time, undisturbed. Set your intention before you begin while taking a few deep breaths. This is a walk to connect to nature and yourself. Walk your route at a slow, easy pace and begin to bring your awareness to what is around you. Begin to notice the sensations that you experience. What can you see, hear and feel? Start to tune into the detail of what surrounds you. Slow everything down and be present with yourself. Notice how things flow around you and how you are part of everything you see.


Move Meditatively

Moving meditatively can take many forms from yoga to dance. Physical movement helps to release stress from the body and embody emotions you are experiencing to help you return to your centre.

What to do:

Choose a form of movement to try. Find a place outside where you are comfortable and won’t be disturbed. Centre yourself before beginning by taking a few deep breaths. When you begin to move, let your body lead you and do so with awareness. You may choose to focus on one part of the body at a time, or your body as a whole. Become aware of how your body wants to move. Where there is lightness and heaviness. Become aware of your weight through your feet, your arms in the air, your posture. Continue for five minutes and if you feel your mind wander, reconnect to the body and the breath.

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