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A Guide to Baby Massage

In today’s blog, we share a guide on the practice of baby massage. Remember to use lots of oil to nourish the skin. Do each stroke about six times.


To relax the face, use your thumbs to gently stroke from the centre of baby’s forehead to the sides of the forehead.

To help with teething pain, use two fingers to massage in circles in the middle of baby’s cheeks.


To help relieve congestion on the chest place your hands in the centre of baby’s chest and draw a heart shape by gently moving up the chest towards the shoulders.

To aid deeper breathing, place your hands on the centre of baby’s chest and then draw a butterfly shape, or “X” shape on the chest working towards the shoulders.

Arms and Hands

To relax the arms and improve circulation to the hand, secure baby’s arms at the wrist and lift it up slightly. Wrap your hand around baby’s arm at the shoulder, and using alternate hands, stroke up the arm from the shoulder to the wrist.

Now, place your hands around baby’s arm near the shoulder and gently glide the hands up the arm towards the wrist as if you were wringing out a cloth.


First, place your hand horizontally across baby’s tummy. Begin to stroke baby’s tummy using alternate hands, moving from the top of the tummy to the bottom of the tummy in a gentle paddling motion. After practising this stroke, hold baby’s legs at the ankles and gently elevate baby’s legs off the mat. Repeat the paddling strokes to help release trapped air in the tummy.

Second, use your right hand to draw a circle in a clockwise direction on baby’s tummy.

Third, draw an upside-down “U” shape across baby’s tummy from the right-hand side to the left-hand side. 

Fourth, draw a circle in a clockwise direction on baby’s tummy with your left hand, like a sun. Continue making this circle but place your right hand at the top of the circle and then stroke down to the bottom of the circle making the shape of a half-moon. Repeat this motion whilst continuing to make the circle shape with the left hand.

Legs and Feet

To relax the legs, raise one of baby’s legs slightly from the mat and secure the ankle with the thumb and first finger. Using alternate hands glide your hand from the thigh to the ankle with gentle strokes.

Place your hands around baby’s thigh and gently glide the hands up the leg as if you were wringing out a cloth.

To boost wellbeing using the art of reflexology, cradle baby’s foot in your hand and use your thumbs to walk around the sole of the foot.

To help relieve sinus congestion, use your first finger to put pressure under baby’s toes. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat three times.

To help relieve digestive problems, use your first finger to put pressure on the arch of baby’s foot. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat three times.

Rotate each of baby’s toes. You may wish to say the little rhyme below. Fold your fingers around baby’s foot after rolling the little toe.

“This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed at home. This little piggy had roast beef. This little piggy had none, and this little piggy went to sleep…ZZZZ”

Again, raise baby’s leg slightly from the mat and secure the ankle with the thumb and first finger. Glide the hand from the ankle to the thigh with gentle strokes. is will help boost circulation back to the heart.

Repeat these strokes on baby’s other leg.

When you have finished have a cuddle and relax together.

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