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Baby foot massage

What is reflexology? 

A system of touch pressure/massage used to relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands, and head linked to every part of the body. How can it help babies? Babies can be very responsive to reflexology. In a nutshell, reflexology rests on the idea that certain reflex points on the hands and feet are matched with particular organs, bones, and body systems and that by applying pressure on these areas you stimulate the body’s energy and help to enhance wellbeing. 

General benefits:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Produces endorphins Improved Circulation- 
  • Through stimulation of the skin and touch in the area. 
  • Stimulated Nerve Function-It interrupts pain pathways helping reduce pain. Improved Immune System-
  • It may stimulate the lymphatic system boosting energy and removing toxins. 
  • Increased Energy-Reflexology revitalises energy throughout the body by relaxing and opening up energy pathways.

You can massage your baby’s feet:

  • Cradle your baby’s foot in your hands, the soles facing you and gently stroke from the heel to the toes. Repeat six to eight times. 
  • Take each toe in turn and roll it. Try singing a rhyme whilst massaging the toes. 
  • Hold baby’s foot in your hand. Extend your first finger and place it under the ball of the foot, just under the toes and hold this position for a few seconds. Move your finger to the arch of the foot. Again press gently into the arch of the foot for a few seconds. Repeat this three times. Benefits for baby According to the practice of reflexology, the area of the foot under the toes relates to your baby’s sinuses and head. By stimulating this area you can help to treat any sinus problems. The area in the arch of the foot relates to your baby’s diaphragm and digestive system. Try this if your baby suffers from colic. 
  • Cradling baby’s foot, gently pad and press all around the sole of the foot with the flat part of the thumb. 
  • Turn the baby’s foot over so you expose the top of the foot. Using the flat part of the thumb stroke from the toes to the ankle. Use a rhythmical motion. Repeat six times. 
  • Place your fingers at the ankle joint. Make small circles around the joints. This will help to encourage a good blood flow to the ankle joint helping to keep it supple. It will also help to ease any tired muscles in this area. Hint This is a particularly good stroke for babies learning to crawl or walk as the ankle joint is put under stress during these periods.

Blossom & Berry’s mission is to grow babies with love, touch, responsive care and positive interaction. We create nurturing experiences for parents and babies to deepen connection and confidence. We focus on touch as a way to support infant and maternal mental health as we believe this is the foundation for health and happiness. Blossom & Berry was born out of love!

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