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Can baby massage help sleep?

Most babies enjoy having their legs massaged and therefore it is a good place to start the routine. Babies seem to feel relaxed having their legs touched because it is a non-threatening area that is touched regularly because of nappy changing and washing. Babies feet and toes are also very sensitive and foot massage usually provides lots of happy smiles from your baby! By starting with a non-intrusive area of your baby’s body you can gain your baby’s confidence and as they become comfortable this can help the baby to sleep.

To begin… 

  • Find a position that is comfortable for you and your baby. 
  • Take off your baby’s clothes. Remove his nappy if you are comfortable doing so. 
  • Place your baby on his back with his feet closest to your body. 
  • Ask your baby’s permission to massage before you begin so that he has the opportunity to let you know whether now is a good time. Make eye contact and ask your baby, “ Are you ready for your massage?” If your baby seems relaxed and happy, then you can begin. 

The legs – Babies can hold tension in their legs. 

  • Start by relaxing your baby’s leg using the “relaxed touch” technique. 
  • Rest one hand gently on your baby’s leg near the thigh and the other hand on the shin. Hold this position for a few moments. 
  • Gently bounce your baby’s leg and tell baby in a relaxing and soothing voice to “relax” until you feel their leg begin to relax. When you feel your baby’s leg relax congratulate your baby on his achievement.
  • Raise your baby’s leg and secure the ankle with one hand. Place the other hand at the base of the thigh. Gently glide your hand up the length of the leg until you reach the ankle. Use the hand that has just been massaging to secure the ankle and place the other hand at the base of the thigh. Repeat the gliding motion to the ankle. Change hands again. Repeat this stroke between six and eight times. Benefits for baby – Relieves muscular tension in baby’s legs. (Remember your baby spends a long time kicking his legs in the air!) Helps to warm up your baby’s feet by encouraging better circulation. 
  • Place your hands at the base of the thigh, next to each other. Gently wrap your fingers around the thigh. Move your hands up the length of the thigh in a gliding motion as if you were wringing something out. Do not squeeze the thigh, just glide. When you reach the ankle, place your hands back at the top of the thigh. Repeat six to eight times. Benefits for baby Helps to relieve muscular tension by massaging across the muscle. Encourages relaxation of the leg muscles which can, in turn, aid sleep.

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