What is the essence of baby massage and yoga at Blossom & Berry?

The essence of baby massage and yoga

I want to share something very important with you. Why I believe in the practice of baby massage and yoga and why it is so powerful.Baby massage is about touch, connection, stillness and presence. It’s about stripping everything back to nothing. To listen to learn, to allow, to honour and to just be. It’s to create a simple nurturing environment for baby to be seen, heard, accepted, loved and respected. It’s about time and acceptance of where you and your baby are. It’s about love created in moments of connection both physical and emotional. It’s about honouring the traditions of the past from around the world and of the intuitive knowing that touch and presence grounds us into our bodies, into the moment and to each other.
Baby yoga allows connection to the body. To understand how your body can teach you. To honour the body and all it does. To be playful and joyous in however the body presents regardless of age, ability and experience. It is about the breath. A celebration of being alive and a knowing that our body must be nourished and nurtured to allow us to fully live. It’s about understanding the connection between the body, mind and spirit. This divine Union and offering yourself up to unlearn and learn.
For me baby massage and yoga is about nothing and everything. The being present with yourself, your baby and with others. Stillness, observation, reflection, honouring. Bringing touch and movement into our lives not as a “class” but as a practice, a daily devotion to continue and explore.
The essence of what we teach is love. Communicating love, reflecting love, feeling love for ourselves and others. Honouring all that has gone before. Every parent/carer and baby that has been present together and breathed the same air that we breath today. It’s about time which I believe in today’s society is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others. Be bold in just your being as it is always enough. This is the essence of what I believe and why I feel our work through our teachers is so important. Nurturing care is for everyone and in this we can be united.
The essence of what we teach is love because love creates love

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